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Urgent reactive maintenance reduces void periods for Housing Associations

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Reactive maintenance for rental properties can make good the damage left behind by less desirable tenants when they move out – especially those behind on their rent or who are evicted due to antisocial behaviour, and where it may be impossible to recover the cost of repairs from the former tenant.

In such cases, urgent reactive maintenance can help to reduce void periods and put right the damage caused, bringing the property back to a habitable state as quickly as possible so that it can return to generating rent and quickly covering the cost of its own repairs.

TopMark Solutions have the expertise and the trades knowledge needed to repair all kinds of general damage to rental properties when tenants move out, whether it’s a simple task like putting a door back on its existing hinges or clearing out rubbish, or something more complex like carpentry and electrical work.


Rental property left damaged?


Research by the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University for the Residential Landlords Association found that half of Section 21 notices are served on tenants for damage, antisocial behaviour or rent arrears.

In many other cases private landlords need to take the property back for refurbishment or sale. The RLA’s policy director David Smith said: “Most landlords ask their tenants to leave to protect their property.”

Although the study focused on private rented properties, rather than council-owned accommodation, the results still shed light on the proportion of tenants who leave behind a need for repair work or unpaid rental income.

Whether you have evicted tenants who have caused damage, or have been left facing repair work by tenants who have moved out for a different reason, TopMark Solutions can help to restore your rental property to a good habitable standard, ready for it to be occupied again as soon as possible.


Get TopMark’s help with reactive maintenance

Our urgent reactive maintenance can tackle tenant damage left behind, as well as routine maintenance such as making good reasonable wear and tear after long-term tenants move out.

We also offer our usual external maintenance services such as gutter and drainage clearance and grounds maintenance including hard surfaces and gardening – everything you need to keep your rental property safe and habitable, and continue to collect rent from it with a minimum of void periods.

To get TopMark’s help with reactive maintenance and general rental property maintenance, call us today on 0161 976 2382 or email info@top-marksolutions.co.uk for a quick response from our expert team.