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Three reasons why winter is a good time for render cleaning

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There are many good reasons why winter is a good time for render cleaning, and so far in 2018-19 the relatively mild weather has made it an even better season for catching up on some of those exterior cleaning jobs.

Fair weather makes it easier to get out and do the job, but even if this winter becomes more unsettled, there are still good reasons to carry out render cleaning in winter.

Here are just three of the best arguments in favour of render cleaning in winter, especially if you’ve been meaning to get it done since summer, but haven’t yet found the time.


Lighter and brighter

Getting your render cleaned can be like moving a piece of furniture and uncovering a patch of carpet that’s never been trodden on – it can be surprising just how much cleaner that area looks.

By restoring your render to its original lustre, colouring and brightness, we can give your premises a much-needed makeover on the dark days of winter.

If you feel like you could be doing more to attract passers-by after dark, this is one simple step you can take to quickly freshen up your facade and ensure your exterior lighting has something to work with.


Water saving

Our specialist render cleaning equipment uses less water, instead using highly concentrated chemicals to maximise the cleaning effect.

This all has added benefits in winter – the chemicals can evaporate away more easily so your render dries more quickly after the cleaning is carried out than in older cold-water techniques.

With the weather we have had so far this season, with plenty of sun and relatively mild temperatures for the time of year, this again means you can get very fast results from your render cleaning.

A fresh start

With a new year just starting, render cleaning in winter gives you a head start on your spring cleaning and is ideal to help rental properties stand out from the crowd.

Many residential and commercial tenants alike use the new year as a reason to relocate, either as part of a New Year’s resolution, to make a move on decisions delayed over Christmas, or just because they associate the new calendar year with making a start on major life admin.

By getting render cleaning done in winter, you give your premises a fresh and clean look – ideal for attracting new tenants to rental property and new customers to any kind of business.