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How does jet washing get you out of hot water in a hurry?

Home Top Mark Solutions News How does jet washing get you out of hot water in a hurry?

It’s not usually a good thing to land in hot water, but in the case of our jet washing services, that’s exactly what helps us to give an even higher standard of finish in even less time.

By using high-temperature water jets, we can get more energy into the surface, penetrating deeper and lifting out dirt that’s embedded into the nooks, crannies and textures of the materials used.

This gives an excellent finished effect on natural materials like brick and stone, and on mineral-based surfaces like concrete too.


Why is hot jet washing better?

Heat is a form of energy and by heating the water to a high temperature – as much as 150 degrees Celsius – it is able to apply more energy to the surface during heated jet washing.

This immediately lifts more dirt, and can also help to loosen stubborn residues like chewing gum, so that they are removed too.

Our technology allows for a range of different temperatures to be used. We can also use cold water jet washing if the surface demands it – and we offer a full site survey before we begin, to decide on the best option.


In and out fast

The equipment we use takes less water than traditional cold water jet washing, so our heated jet washing services are more resource efficient and place less demand on drainage in the work area.

We have a standpipe contract with United Utilities, so you can rest assured that we only draw water from the mains where it is appropriate to do so.

If there is no suitable mains water connection, we also have onboard water tanks, so this should not be an obstacle to getting the job done without delay.


There when you need us

We’re proud to have been granted ISO 9001 status, the Quality Management Standard that recognises commitment to both regulatory requirements and customer service.

It’s a symbol of how we work around our customers’ needs. Want your jet washing done at night? That’s no problem. Need us there at the weekend? That can be arranged too.

TopMark Solutions put our customers first and work to meet your needs – delivering the highest standard of jet washing, but also doing so quickly and conveniently at a time when your premises are not in direct use.

Find out more when you get in touch with TopMark Solutions on 0161 976 2382 or for out-of-hours enquiries, you can call us on 07801 926 133 or email info@top-marksolutions.co.uk at any time.