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Gearing up for the school playground markings Easter rush

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As schools wind down for the Easter break, at TopMark Solutions we’re gearing up for the annual rush on school playground markings bookings.

Each year we see a spike in orders for new school playground markings around Easter. It’s the perfect time to catch up on maintenance work that was delayed over the winter, and it leaves the summer holidays free for major refurbs and construction work.

That typically means the first two weeks in April are when smaller jobs like repainting playground markings get done, and we are expecting this year to be no different.

However, it is worth noting that Easter Sunday itself is on April 21st, so some school holidays will be pushed back by a week or more – the latest Easter can possibly fall is April 25th, so this year is a relatively late one and some school playground repainting will be pushed back to account for that.


Common school playground markings

School playground markings help to keep children active and imaginative, and common designs include:

  • Hopscotch
  • Mazes
  • Geometric shapes
  • Alphabet/Counting games
  • Sports pitch markings

In many cases it’s not about marking out something completely specific, but can be just a case of giving children shapes to incorporate into their games whether as a goal mouth, a ‘home square’ for games of tag, or as a make-believe castle or island.

Thermoplastic line markings are highly durable and require little to no maintenance to stay bright and visible for a good length of time, and can easily be refreshed or updated in future to change the design.


Other Easter school maintenance tasks

As we’ve already mentioned, Easter school maintenance tasks tend to fall into the medium-sized category rather than any major construction works.

In addition to school playground line markings, some common tasks for this time of year include:

  • Car park line markings for reserved headteacher spaces and staff parking.
  • Guttering/Drainage clearance after winter storms.
  • Jet washing mud and algae from pavements to restore grip.
  • Render cleaning to spruce up school buildings.
  • Sports pitch line marking ahead of summer term.

We can of course schedule any works so that they are carried out on days when your school is not open to pupils, or cordon off active areas while the work is carried out.

However with a high number of bookings at this time of year, we would urge all customers to make enquiries as soon as possible so that we can fit you into the very busy schedule as we move towards April and the Easter break.