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Outsourced line marking services for groundwork contractors

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If you are a company that lays tarmac or operates as a groundwork contractor in some other way, from landscaping to installing utilities, outsourced line marking services can help you to provide a more complete service to your clients and gain an important competitive edge.

Many groundwork contractors are able to lay tarmac or an equivalent hard standing, but don’t go so far as to offer thermoplastic line marking services.

Because of this, we at TopMark Solutions are often called in after the fact to paint car park line markings, lane and direction markings, cross-hatched safety boxes and no-entry zones, and other demarcation lines.

However, we can provide these outsourced line marking services for groundwork contractors too, allowing you to include them in the contracts you take on for your own clients.


How do outsourced line marking services help?

In many cases a newly laid tarmac surface cannot be used until it is properly marked up. That might be because it needs car park line markings to designate parking bays, numbered and reserved parking and so on.

Alternatively it might be a case of adding thermoplastic safety line markings that control the flow of traffic and pedestrians around the site – for example painting pedestrian walkways directly on the ground instead of having a raised kerb.

By including these services as part of your initial contract, you enable your clients to use the new surface immediately upon handover, while also removing the need for them to go out and find an outsourced thermoplastic line marking contractor for themselves.


Outsourced services to reinstate line markings

Some contracts might require you to reinstate line markings before completion, for example if you are laying new utilities or fibre optics across a car park – and being able to offer this as part of your contract might mean the difference between winning the work and it going to another contractor.

At TopMark Solutions we are happy to provide outsourced services to reinstate line markings on freshly filled in channels and patched up tarmac.

We can also quote on repainting car park line markings and other thermoplastic lines in full, which can allow you to leave the job site looking fresh and fully restored, rather than simply patched and repainted.

If you are interested in learning more about our outsourced thermoplastic paint services, please get in touch today and a member of the TopMark team will be happy to discuss our work with business clients and contractors.