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How property management companies benefit from TopMark Solutions

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TopMark Solutions work with property management solutions across Greater Manchester and the north-west to provide the kinds of building maintenance services you need to keep properties looking at their best.

It’s not just about aesthetics, although that is one part of it. It’s also about practical improvements like clearer car park marking, along with maintaining essential services like guttering and drainage clearance.

At TopMark Solutions our professional, experienced team can provide all of these services along with reactive maintenance for any repair work you need carrying out, making us your first port of call for property maintenance.


Making properties look better

Kerb appeal is all part of getting tenants to choose your property and reducing void periods – and that’s true of residential property management and commercial properties alike.

We provide cleaning services including render cleaning and pavement jet washing, helping to spruce up the exterior of your property so it has maximum appeal to prospective tenants.

Our team wears smart uniforms while doing this and uses state-of-the-art equipment, so even while the work is being carried out, we help you to look more professional.


Making properties work better

Car park marking is just one way to make properties work better for multiple tenants, and we can paint thermoplastic line markings that clearly designate parking spaces for each tenant.

Importantly for property management companies, we can also add reserved parking bays for maintenance workers or to keep spaces clear for utility workers who may need to access meters and supply equipment.

Good quality car park line markings are much more likely to be respected than old faded lines that are not obviously still in force, and again this is for the mutual benefit of all tenants and for the property management company alike.


Keeping properties working well

Finally there are some important elements of building maintenance that should not be overlooked, including for example:

  • Drainage and gutter clearance for safety in wet weather.
  • Pavement jet washing to ensure good grip underfoot.
  • Grounds maintenance to keep shrubberies and borders in order.
  • Reactive maintenance for damaged paths, railings and other fixtures.

At TopMark Solutions we aim to provide you with the highest standards of service and always to do so in a professional way, whether that’s the equipment we use, our safe contractor standards, or the uniforms we wear, all of which helps property management companies to maintain premises at their best.