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TopMark Solutions are seeing a seasonal surge in summer line marking orders, so if you want us to freshen up your car park line markings, playground line markings or sports pitch line markings, now is the time to book.

We offer a variety of services from thermoplastic line markings for car parks and playgrounds, to traditional sports field line markings for football pitches, running tracks and other track and field events.

Obviously many of these services apply particularly to schools, but we can also provide car park line marking services to offices and other workplaces, as well as multiple occupant residences like privately owned apartment blocks and housing association properties.


Summer line marking for schools

Looking at school line marking orders in particular, we are quickly approaching the Easter holidays, which is when many schools get less disruptive maintenance carried out so that the main summer holidays are free for more substantial renovations and structural work.

School maintenance jobs for Easter might include updating your playground line markings to inspire the imagination of your pupils, or freshening up car park line markings with reserved headteacher parking and clearly defined parking bays for visiting parents.

With the summer term soon to get underway, your PE curriculum might also be changing over to include more track and field events and general athletics, and new running track line markings can help an end-of-year sports day take place with style.


More general summer line marking jobs

Whether you run a school, a workplace or a rental property, there are some general summer line marking jobs that can help to spruce up your premises as we move into the warmest, driest and sunniest part of the year.

Car park line markings help to make parking bays easily visible and can include allocated parking and numbered car park bays, electric vehicle bays, disabled parking, parent and child spaces, maintenance bays, emergency services parking and many more options.

You might want to consider hiring TopMark Solutions to pressure wash car parks first, blasting away any dust and dirt to leave clean tarmac that will then really do justice to your new thermoplastic car park markings once we lay those down on top.

For any and all summer line marking orders, speak to TopMark Solutions today and we will be happy to advise on when we can fit you into our increasingly packed schedule for this very busy time of year.