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High street jet washing creates a warmer welcome

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High street jet washing is the solution to a multitude of sins, and can help to create a cleaner image in areas of high footfall such as Manchester’s busy Market Street and Warrington’s High Street.

Meanwhile on city centre high streets like Manchester Market Street, pedestrian traffic is dense throughout the week as visitors flock to the shops, enjoy street entertainment, or head to nearby bars and restaurants in the evenings.

This can all lead to discoloured pavements with ground-in dirt, stuck-on chewing gum and all kinds of other stains, not to mention malicious damage like pavement graffiti and spraypainted/bleached advertising logos.

High street jet washing can resolve all kinds of problems due to dirt and discolouration, with the ability to lift marks from the pavement surface to restore the natural colour, without causing damage to the surface itself.

We recently looked at how desirable schools boost the appeal of an area like Altrincham for househunters, but the high street is another valuable amenity – and one with appeal for residents of all ages, whether or not they have young children.


TopMark Solutions jet washing for high streets

We are able to offer jet washing for Manchester Market Street, as well as other main retail zones and pedestrianised areas across Greater Manchester.

In these publicly accessible areas, it’s important to carry out work quickly, safely and professionally, and with the minimum of disruption.

Our fully trained staff are in an ideal position to carry out jet washing for high streets in Cheshire, Manchester and elsewhere, as they always operate to high standard, using the latest pressure washing equipment with Whirlaway technology and high-temperature water.

Whirlaway is a system that maximises the effective water-to-surface pressure, lifting dirt more effectively while using less water – that’s kinder to the environment and means less standing water on the high street or running off into drains and sewers.

By using hot water jet washers, we are further able to remove more dirt, whether by physically melting stubborn residues like chewing gum, or simply due to the additional thermal energy contained within the water itself.

Together this makes for fast, safe and clean jet washing for high streets that are used around the clock, bringing them back to their best with minimal disruption for shoppers.