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Commercial driveway restoration by pressure washing

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Commercial driveway pressure washing should be about more than just cleaning the surface of the bricks or slabs used to pave it, but all too often an inferior or amateur job leads to inconsistent results and an uneven surface.

The problem comes when you hire a pressure washing contractor who is not well enough experienced with commercial driveway restoration, or you hire pressure washing equipment yourself and attempt the task.

While either way is bound to have some success with cleaning the surface of your driveway’s paving stones or block paving, the lack of experience can create entirely new problems.


Why professional pressure washing matters

Excessive jet washing can lift the sand from between the paving stones or blocks of the driveway, creating gaps that allow the individual pavers to shift out of position not only laterally, but also contribute towards vertical subsidence over time.

To avoid these problems, hire a jet washing contractor with the necessary experience of working on commercial driveway restoration by pressure washing – such as TopMark Solutions.

We have years of experience working on all kinds of pressure washing projects, and we understand the intricacies of jet washing block paving and other paved surfaces on commercial driveways, pavements and paths.


How is TopMark different?

Our expertise means we can pressure wash block paved car parks while preserving the even and level surface, ensuring a higher quality of parking experience for all kinds of vehicles in the future.

An added advantage of using TopMark Solutions is our high-tech pressure washing equipment, which helps to reduce the removal of desirable substances like jointing sand while still achieving a high standard of cleaning.

This is achieved by heating the water we use, as well as through the use of Whirlaway jet washing technology which transfers more energy to the surface being cleaned, without using as much water.

All of this helps to reduce the physical force exerted on the lining sand or other aggregates used to fill the joints between blocks or pavers.


A cleaner, clearer future

Ultimately it is sometimes necessary to insert fresh sand into the joins as part of the natural wear and tear and ongoing maintenance of having a block paved commercial driveway.

When the driveway has just been fully cleaned to a high standard, it is the ideal time to do this, while also applying a suitable sealant or weedkiller to give your driveway a clean finish and clear joints for several years or more to come.