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Summer line marking services for schools and colleges

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TopMark Solutions’ summer line marking services for schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments mean teachers won’t be the only ones with plenty of marking to do this summer!

We offer the full range of line marking services schools and colleges might need, including:

  • Car park line markings
  • Playground line markings
  • Sports field line markings

The summer season is a busy time as it’s obviously the longest break in the year for most schools, colleges and universities and offers the best weather conditions for outdoor maintenance of playgrounds and playing fields.


School car park line markings

School car park line markings need to be clear, safe and versatile, with areas for staff parking and for visitors, as well as obvious demarcation of pedestrian zones for any parents or pupils who need to get across the car park on foot.

Reserved parking for headteachers and other senior staff means you always get the space nearest the door, and we can also mark disabled bays, delivery vehicle parking bays and emergency services parking bays in convenient positions in your car park.

We know that in many school car parks, space is at a premium, and our experienced team can lay out all the different bays you need while maximising the number of vehicles that can safely park, while still giving everyone enough room to manoeuvre.


Playground line markings

For nurseries and primary schools, playground line markings help to keep pupils entertained during breaks and lunchtime, as well as inspiring them to play learning games.

Playground line markings can include traditional games like hopscotch, as well as geometric shapes that your pupils can use in imagination games as castles, towers, treasure islands, and anything else that comes into their mind.

Durable thermoplastic line markings for playgrounds mean you’ll get plenty of use out of them before wear and tear takes its toll, but can also be removed if you need to repurpose the playground space in the future.

However much space you have to work with, call TopMark Solutions today and let us help you with professional school and college line marking services to get everything ready before the summer break ends.