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Future-proof your car park with electric vehicle bay marking

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As zero-carbon vehicles become the norm, car parks across the North West and beyond are going to need many more charging points – making it important to start thinking about electric vehicle bay marking if your car park is due for some maintenance.

In late August, the Science and Technology Commons Select Committee published a report calling on the government to bring forward plans to end the sale of conventional combustion engine vehicles and also hybrid engine vehicles.

Both types of cars and vans should be banned by 2035 at the latest in order to tackle vehicle emissions and climate change, the committee suggested.

“The government should also work with public services and owners of public land, such as schools and hospitals, to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charge points,” their report added.

By rolling out electric vehicles – and the locations needed to park and charge them – the UK can beat its existing deadlines to end the sale of combustion engine cars and vans, and help to tackle the carbon footprint of private motor transport.

And as this transition takes place, more and more public and private car park operators will need to install suitable electric vehicle parking, including reserved bay markings for electric vehicles within easy reach of charge points.

Preparing for an electric future

At TopMark Solutions we are already ready for this electric future, as one of the only thermoplastic line marking companies in the North West to already specialise in electric car parking bay markings.

We work with the electric vehicle bay commissioning industry to provide a variety of essential services to install electric car parking bays in public and private car parks:

  • Durable hot-pour thermoplastic line markings for electric vehicle parking bays.
  • Preform thermoplastic logos to designate parking bays as electric-only.
  • Aluminium signage to add eye-level information to electric-only bays.
  • Rapid installation with new electric vehicle bays ready to use in 24 hours.
  • Discounts available for ongoing contract work across multiple bays and car parks.

If you need to add electric vehicle bays to a car park on school or hospital grounds, at a workplace, or in a public place such as a bus or train station or a town centre car park, we can help.

We work with organisations of all types and sizes, and we would urge all car park operators to think about fitting electric vehicle parking bays, complete with all the necessary signage, bay markings and electric car logos as soon as possible, as this is one trend that is only going to continue to gather pace as we move into the 2020s.


Electric Vehicle Bay Marking