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Grounds maintenance for shrubs and trees in parks and office environments

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Shrubs and trees are a great way to create height around your grounds, and can reflect the changing seasons or provide year-round foliage in the case of evergreens.

But it’s important to carry out regular grounds maintenance for shrubs and trees, in order to keep them healthy and give them everything they need to thrive for the coming season, year and beyond.

At different times of year that can mean different things:

  • In winter, protecting roots against frost and cutting back dead growth.
  • In spring, pruning and shaping so new growth is as healthy as possible.
  • In summer, fertilising and keeping well watered during hot weather.
  • In autumn, clearing away fallen leaves from the tree or others in the area.

Reactive grounds maintenance for shrubs and trees in parks can be important following a period of heavy weather, storms or strong winds.

It’s a chance to take a good look at all of your shrubs and trees, especially in areas where members of the public are likely to be present.

Damaged tree branches and other broken limbs can be removed, ensuring that they cannot fall without warning on to passers-by.

This is in addition to regular grounds maintenance to keep the soil aerated and fertilised, protect against frost in cold weather, and make sure the shrub or tree has enough water.

Grounds maintenance for office buildings

Grounds maintenance services for office buildings are an especially important way to protect against falling branches, while making sure that the trees and shrubs look at their best to make the right first impression on customers and investors.

Healthy, well maintained grounds with plenty of natural growth can also have a big impact on employee wellbeing, from oxygenating the air around your premises, to boosting morale among nature-loving staff.

Trees can even help to maintain good drainage in the soil structure, so if your premises often have standing water left behind after heavy rain, a few thirsty trees could be a surprisingly good natural solution.

At TopMark Solutions we provide full service grounds maintenance in Manchester and across the North West, on office premises and other commercial estates, and in parks and other public areas.

We can maintain shrubs and trees, as well as lawns and hedges – observing the restrictions on carrying out maintenance work on hedges that are active nesting sites for birds.

Our customers can be found at every level from small independent and family-run businesses right up to multinational brands and government estates.

To find out more about our grounds maintenance services, contact TopMark Solutions today and we will be happy to help.