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  • 29th November 2018

We're looking for a talented new addition to our facilities management team. Take a look at our job description below and send us your CV if you are interested on: info@top-marksolutions.co.uk.   Good luck! Job title: Multi skilled Joiner Location: Sale,...

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  • 28th November 2018

Reactive maintenance for rental properties can make good the damage left behind by less desirable tenants when they move out - especially those behind on their rent or who are evicted due to antisocial behaviour, and where it may be...

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  • 21st November 2018

Chevron markings and other safety line markings form part of your commitment to health and safety, whether that means identifying no-entry zones, pedestrian walkways and crossings, or highlighting possible slip, trip and fall hazards. So it makes sense to work...

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  • 16th November 2018

Top Mark Solutions work with independent pub owners and pub maintenance and refurbishment contractors to clean pub exteriors, including render cleaning and jet washing, and to keep premises looking at their most appealing to patrons. Our services offer you a...

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  • 29th October 2018

Top Mark Solutions grounds maintenance services give you a one-stop way to spruce up your premises from rooftop to ground level, while only having to deal with a single reliable and well equipped contractor. We can combine multiple services into...

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  • 26th October 2018

In some very exciting news, this week Top Mark Solutions has received the news that we’ve achieved the ISO 9001, the world’s most recognised Quality Management Standard (QMS). The ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Management Systems standard, which...

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  • 24th October 2018

We're heading into the autumn-winter part of the year and that means paths can quickly start to become very slippery, whether through moss growth, leaf mulch or, as temperatures drop further, ice. But you don't have to put up with...

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  • 27th September 2018

Top Mark Solutions went back to school recently - and on our first day at Heaton Park Primary, we got lines! Luckily for us they weren't the kind you write 100 times on the blackboard during detention, but the kind...

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  • 18th September 2018

Top Mark Solutions carry out graffiti removal for business premises in Manchester and across the North West, helping to restore a more aesthetically pleasing exterior that makes the right impression on customers, other visitors and on anyone passing by. But...

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  • 7th September 2018

Good business premises are a great way to make the right first impression on visitors, whether they are candidates applying to work for you, potential clients, or even investors you hope to entice some money out of. So it’s a...

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