Render and stone sill cleaning keeps your business looking professional

Good business premises are a great way to make the right first impression on visitors, whether they are candidates applying to work for you, potential clients, or even investors you hope to entice some money out of.

So it’s a smart investment of your own to keep your premises spruced up and looking at their best – which is where Top Mark Solutions’ render cleaning and stone sill cleaning services can help.

There are lots of reasons why render might not look at its best, including:

  • Exposure to inclement weather conditions.
  • Growth of algae and moss in wet weather.
  • Discolouration due to exposure to air pollution.

Business properties in particular can be at higher risk as they might be more likely to have large areas of external render or cladding, and are often located in places with higher traffic pollution.

With our business premises cladding cleaning service, we can soon have your render restored much more closely to its original colour and vibrancy – and most crucially of all, leave it looking much cleaner.

Our equipment is state of the art and we use the industry’s highest rated render cleaning products, putting all of our experience and expertise into giving you the highest possible standard of finish.


Stone sill cleaning services

It’s important not to miss the fine details, as one small area left dirty can destroy the overall visual effect, which is why we offer stone sill cleaning services to complement our cladding cleaning service.

Often the stone sills and window lintels are left exposed when the rest of the wall is rendered, particularly on older buildings where they can be considered an attractive visual feature – at least when they are clean.

We can remove not just surface dirt, but deeply ingrained staining that has worked its way beneath the porous surface of natural stone sills, as our hot water pressure hoses penetrate the top layers without damaging the stone itself.

As a result, we are able to leave your premises with:

  • Render restored to its original colour and attractive cleanliness.
  • Natural stone sills free from patchy stains and discolouration.
  • Zero clean-up – just freshly cleaned exteriors ready for your next visitors to see.

We work quickly and safely, using technology that reduces the amount of water required and heats the jet to a high temperature for even more effective surface penetration and deep cleaning.

To find out more about our surface render cleaning and/or our natural stone sill cleaning services, give us a call today for a no-obligation quote based on exactly what work you need carrying out.

Line marking – keeping things clear in an emergency

Car park line marking goes beyond just marking out individual parking bays, and may include anything from designated pedestrian walkways, to disabled bay and parent-and-child markings, to line marking for emergency services access.

This last point is especially important as blocked access can prevent the emergency services from doing their job and could ultimately cost somebody their life.

An obvious example of where line marking for emergency services vehicles is essential is around the entrance to a hospital, where a simple ‘no waiting’ sign might not fully convey the importance of leaving doorways accessible to ambulances, paramedics and stretchers or wheelchairs.

In these situations, bright yellow cross-hatching is normally the way to go, as it corresponds to the ‘no access’ hatched boxes you see at road junctions and other public places that must not be obstructed.

Top Mark Solutions recently carried out a line marking job at a care home in Worsley where the ambulance access bay needed to be made clearly visible and unavailable for public parking.

We added a bright cross-hatched box and clear AMBULANCE ONLY lettering to the entire area of car park leading up to the Boothstown care home’s disabled access ramp, ensuring that no correctly parked cars should ever create an obstruction for residents being dropped off or picked up for medical treatment.

But does this mean losing parking spaces? Not necessarily – we will always work with the remaining space to create good-sized parking bays for visitors’ cars, without hampering the hard work of the emergency services.

In this case, we repainted the parking bays in the visitor car park, and were even able to create a further four kerbside bays for spillover parking when the main area is full, or for anyone just making a quick drop-off or delivery.

Our thermoplastic pours are ideal for emergency services bays – they pour hot and set quickly, for minimal disruption to access, and they last up to 10 times longer than traditional paints, reducing maintenance disruption in the future too.

We provide thermoplastic line marking services for all kinds of applications. That includes designated bays for ambulances, police and fire engines, or to prevent other traffic from blocking access, plus disabled parking bays and parent-and-child spaces.

As well as these specific markings, we can install thermoplastic line markings for all kinds of general purposes, such as pedestrian walkways and cycle paths, reserved parking and numbered bays, or even just to refresh existing line markings that have worn away.

We’re busy pressure washing Manchester’s heatwave-hit businesses

Manchester’s weather poses problems all year round for keeping your business premises looking at their best; whether it’s dull-looking stonework on an overcast day, or ground-in dirt that’s hard to hide in bright sunlight.

The recent prolonged spell of hot, dry weather has left businesses across the city looking drab, but with Top Mark Solutions’ pressure washing services, ground-in dirt can be lifted out of porous natural building materials like brick and stone, as well as removing unwanted graffiti and restoring render to its original colour.

Pressure washing offers huge benefits in summer, as it uses just a fraction of the water consumed by other methods, while achieving even better results to keep your business premises looking clean and vibrant throughout the summer heatwave and once the weather turns more autumnal in the coming months.

Our systems use water that has been pressurised and heated to 150C, giving it even better cleaning power to penetrate deep into porous surfaces like natural stone and dislodge dirt and grime that has become embedded in there.

This also means we can use less water than our cold-water competitors, and there is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals that could pollute surrounding gardens, flowerbeds and watercourses or need even more water to rinse away.

Can I pressure wash during a hosepipe ban?

Yes, you can – hosepipe bans typically only apply to domestic properties, but it makes good sense to opt for pressure washing anyway, as the pressurised spray equipment uses much less water than a hosepipe while achieving better results.

Our high-tech spraying equipment uses Whirlaway technology to minimise water consumption, and we have a standpipe contract with United Utilities, so you know we are always approved to draw water from your location even when water levels are relatively low.

If you are in an area where water levels are a concern, our hot-water pressure washing equipment is another huge advantage over the cold-water equipment used by many other contractors.

While 90% of our competitors use cold water, we heat the water we use to well over boiling point, and this means we can blast away the most deeply ground-in grime, while using less water overall – find out more below.

Hot-water pressure washing in the heatwave

If the tropical Manchester weather recently has felt hot, it’s nothing compared to our high-pressure steam cleaners, which are able to fire a jet of super-heated water at up to 150C.

This further enhances the cleaning power, getting into rough and porous surfaces to lift ingrained dirt and give you a fully restored and rejuvenated appearance, whether on concrete, brick, stone or cladding – it can also tackle specific areas, for example to remove graffiti.

It’s completely safe and all of our jet-washing equipment is designed to withstand the high temperature and pressure involved, giving you the highest possible standard of finish to make sure your business premises stand out as the cleanest and most eye-catching on the block.

While we are based in Manchester, we provide pressure washing services across the North West and through Cheshire into the Midlands too, with 24-hour call-out – so for a no-obligation quote, call us on 0161 976 2382 or email today.

What can Top Mark Solutions do for you?

Top Mark Solutions offer facilities management services to keep Manchester’s commercial and residential rental properties looking at their best, from hot pressure washing and drainage clearance, to graffiti removal and car park thermoplastic lining.

Here’s an overview of some of our main services and who they might be most helpful for:

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