Line marking – keeping things clear in an emergency

Ambulance bay marking

Car park line marking goes beyond just marking out individual parking bays, and may include anything from designated pedestrian walkways, to disabled bay and parent-and-child markings, to line marking for emergency services access.

This last point is especially important as blocked access can prevent the emergency services from doing their job and could ultimately cost somebody their life.

An obvious example of where line marking for emergency services vehicles is essential is around the entrance to a hospital, where a simple ‘no waiting’ sign might not fully convey the importance of leaving doorways accessible to ambulances, paramedics and stretchers or wheelchairs.

In these situations, bright yellow cross-hatching is normally the way to go, as it corresponds to the ‘no access’ hatched boxes you see at road junctions and other public places that must not be obstructed.

Top Mark Solutions recently carried out a line marking job at a care home in Worsley where the ambulance access bay needed to be made clearly visible and unavailable for public parking.

We added a bright cross-hatched box and clear AMBULANCE ONLY lettering to the entire area of car park leading up to the Boothstown care home’s disabled access ramp, ensuring that no correctly parked cars should ever create an obstruction for residents being dropped off or picked up for medical treatment.

But does this mean losing parking spaces? Not necessarily – we will always work with the remaining space to create good-sized parking bays for visitors’ cars, without hampering the hard work of the emergency services.

In this case, we repainted the parking bays in the visitor car park, and were even able to create a further four kerbside bays for spillover parking when the main area is full, or for anyone just making a quick drop-off or delivery.

Our thermoplastic pours are ideal for emergency services bays – they pour hot and set quickly, for minimal disruption to access, and they last up to 10 times longer than traditional paints, reducing maintenance disruption in the future too.

We provide thermoplastic line marking services for all kinds of applications. That includes designated bays for ambulances, police and fire engines, or to prevent other traffic from blocking access, plus disabled parking bays and parent-and-child spaces.

As well as these specific markings, we can install thermoplastic line markings for all kinds of general purposes, such as pedestrian walkways and cycle paths, reserved parking and numbered bays, or even just to refresh existing line markings that have worn away.